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Stop Nuclear Energy Programmes

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Re: "PM to visit ‘cradle of nuclear energy’",(Deccan Herald, 28 August 2007), citing a picturesque fishing hamlet, little does the report inform readers about the ban on fishing on a 100 km radius around the Tarapur conglomerate. Little does the report also inform about the nuclear equipment only conforming to unsound Risk recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection(ICRP), based as they are on acute external irradiation. The alternate Risk Recommendations of the European Committee on
Radiation Risk(ECRR 2003)(Ref 1) based on internal radiation contamination have unequivocal evidence of the ICRP Risk Recommendations being 100 to 2000 fold lower than the real risks of ionising radiation. Thus the ECRR recommends that the maximum permissible radiation dose to members of the public arising from all human practices(including coal fired power plants)should not be more than 0.1 millisieverts (mSv) per year.
According to ICRP however, doses below 5 mSv per year, as defined by their system(modeling risk on the basis of acute external irradiation which is unscientific pre-DNA era stuff) can have no measurable consequences. The ECRR Recommendation of 0.1 mSv per year would severely curtail the application of nuclear fission to produce electricity. Hence Nuclear power stations are the costliest way of producing energy when health effects are also taken into account. By applying the precautionary principle which suggests that when we are unsure about the risks of a certain industrial process or its pollutants, we should not allow it to proceed until we can be sure that it is safe, all radioactive emissions must be stopped forthwith till they are proved safe by the latest science and technology research which can be independently verified. In this connection readers may note that a Sievert is a subjective measure of radiation dose based on the Gray, a Joule of energy delivered to a kilogramme of tissue. Note that a radioactive element (the radionuclide being Plutonium 239 or Radium 226 (mining uranium or in a coal fired plant, the flyash)) lodged in a living cell may deliver (5000000 to 6000000)x10^-19 Wattseconds(Joules) in 10^-17 seconds(Ref 2) to a DNA molecule in a cell weighing 512x10^-15 kg. The dose to the cell then is about 1000 mSv. The dose to the DNA weighing much less is much much more (a million times or so)! The dose to the cell is delivered at the rate of 50-60 KW or at a power surge of average muscle power of more than a thousand people! What the ECRR is recommending is that nukes should not deliver a dose of more than that corresponding to a 5 W-6W hit to a single cell. Since there are hundreds of thousands of DNAs in a single cell, the hit should not be more than say 5-6 megawatts(MW) or equivalent to those delivered by a hundred thousand musclemen to a single DNA! And the ICRP says 5 mSv or 50 times the ECRR’s dose or 250-360 Megawatts( equivalent to the power of 5 million muscle men to a single DNA or 25% of the 1200 MW at Tarapur ) causes an unmeasurable effect! Surely stop this madness!
But this madness has been Hyden by the IAEA by ’ institutionalizing Cold War secrecy and control in 1959 in an agreement between the World Health Organisation(WHO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) which had the effect of giving the IAEA a power of veto over WHO research into radiation effects.’ The ECRR Committee noted that ’ this agreement[Res WHA 12-40,28.5.59] is still in force….and believe that accurate reports of the health consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe may have been suppressed as a result of it.’(Ref 1).
See the effects of the agreement mentioned above: Millions of Indian infants killed and millions still born on account of nuclear activities since 1945:

Andrei Sakharov and others fought bitterly against this violation of human rights enshrined in the UN Charter. Vareva! Now we have the Nuke Deal to be perhaps making the way clear for another bout of irreversible crimes against life by initiating a programme of nuclear energy in India and elsewhere.

ECRR: So how might we apply rights-based ethical theories to the activities of the nuclear industry? While the debate continues about the level of harmfulness of emissions, it is accepted by all sides that the production of energy from nuclear sources will create a fixed amount of radioactive pollutants which will be released to the environment and will inevitably contaminate the bodies of those who live in that environment. Such activity carried out without the full knowledge of the citizenry, and certainly without their informed consent, represents an infringement of the most fundamental natural right: the right to inviolability of the body…’ According to the UN Declaration of Human Rights “Everyone has the right to life,liberty and security of the person” and hence contamination of citizens’ bodies with nuclear waste represents an unacceptable threat to the security of the person, and is therefore illegal under international law, interprets the ECRR.
Moreover, nuclear energy system is not even utilitarian: On the same land used by the nuke cycle, forests use all the inputs nature gives and produce multiple goods and services infinitely more than nukes, when the principle of return is practiced.
'There is no pure reason for the non-harmonised
Nor for the non-harmonised is there concentration,
For one without concentration,
There is no peace,
And for the unpeaceful how can there be happiness?'
-The Bhagavad-Gita
Citizens! Arise to secure Freedom from the nuke menace which would extend into the far future: at least five hundred generations. Arise now!
Peace! Peace! Peace!

1. Busby,C et al.Eds.2003. Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk: Health
Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses for Radiation Protection Purposes. Regulators’
Edition: Brussels. p 183.
2.Gofman,J.W.1990.Radiation Induced Cancer from Low Dose Exposure: An Independent Analysis.
Chapter 19-3.

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