Monday, April 12, 2010

Nuclear Power's Infinite Liability for All Time

© 2015 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
That nuclear power is desperately required
for meeting energy needs is not scientifically
supportable. That leaves out only one dangerous
posture-deterrence or attack ignoring consequences.
My arguments on nuclear liability in this regard
bring out these dangers:In a programme of building
nuclear power plants the energy input to construction per
year is 0.67 times the energy output of the plant per year.
After the commissioning of the plant after 8 years,
if we want to construct 2 nuclear plants, the energy output
to construction is 1.33 times the nuclear electricity
output from the commissioned plant per year!
From such reasoning it has been found that there
is never any net energy available to society in any year
during the construction phase of a nuclear power programme.
Thus, if nuclear is to supply any electricity net to society
it is just impossible in this power hungry proud
world. Thus nukes are duds-do not have any utilitarian value.
And the risks mount because of the insatiable need for energy
by the nuke industry and the society. Please avoid this suicidal
path because it leads to other energy supply systems to be
constructed on a large scale to meet the demands of the nuke
industry with catastrophic consequences for mother earth,
like earthquakes,tsunamis and nuke meltdowns.
Right now even during normal operations, the 350
nuclear reactors around the world are causing the premature
deaths equivalent to twenty Bhopals or more every year
(following JW Gofman).
The health risks because of biospheric contamination
due to the plants are totally unacceptable. Just in
2009 because of the ENCODE and other programmes
like the GRID the central dogmaof molecular biology has been
radically revised with the so-called junk dna
parts having been found to be part of the process
of biological expression at the molecular level. With this the
risks of nuclear are many orders of magnitude
more than ICRP's: ICRP risk levels are witchcraft-
totally unsound for internal radioactive contamination
based as it is not even on the dated central dogma of molecular
biology,its pre DNA!.
No nukes,never.Nuclear liability is infinite and includes
compensation for those who are not yet here to vote no-
trillions and trillionsof euros/dollars/rupees. So Obama is right.
Dont have nukes! But the next part
of his reasoning: Non nuclear states will never have nukes
used against them is pure witchcraft.
Nuclear contamination does not respect such boundaries.
So the principle of perfect design for a safe future is
let no one have nukes. Make it happen!
To make it happen man has to design around his fallibility
so the system is infallible in forbidding the propagation of error.
With nukes this safety problem is just too difficult to solve
save by divinely perfect automata. Life with nuclear is
unbearable because they cannot be safely disposed off
in sarcophages unlike humans and other forms of life
who can be safely, usefully recycled! Enjoyment of
human and animal muscle power in India alone
is to the extent of more than 100000 megawatts!
This discussion then leads us all to a normal way of life,
far far away from the modern. If only all people
who matter accept true knowledge for survival:
Everything is interconnected with
everything else. So the principle of perfect design
for living is: Transcending all is the Unknowaball(Unknowable).
Design around your ignorance to live or
simply perish.Will people force leaders to go normal?

The blessed Lord said:
Being good in thought, word and deed
Is the divine state.

Relevant knowledge
The modern and the normal
In  thought, word and deed:

Purity of heart
Yagna, uprightness.

Reading the Shastras
Gift giving, senses controllled,
Steadfastness in Yog.

Non-injury, truth,
Tranquility, gentleness,

Complete absence of anger,
Compassion to beings.

Non-fickle, modest,
Yes,absence of calumny,
Boldness, forgiveness.

Absence of hatred,
Fortitude, absence of pride,
Transparently pure.

These are the attributes
Of being in the divine state
Good thoughts, words and deeds.

------- Adapted from the Gita
10 June 2015
Ramaswami Ashok Kumar