Friday, March 2, 2018

Stop this Sakharov effect people of India NOW.

In a democracy it is pertinent to ask: Have the people been consulted regarding the nuclear energy programme of Bangladesh or India or elsewhere? The nuclear fraud is there for all to see when the specialists disregard the evidence regarding infinite biological effectiveness of uranium that is polluting the earth because of uranium mining and mill tailing wastes and  radioactive wastes generated by its use. See ECRR 2010. See  Abandon Nuclear Power:Kudankulam and Cancer deaths(1). The nuclear fraud is evident also in the energy audit of the nuclear programmes: See Energy audit of the Indian Nuclear Programme:Dynamic Energy Analysis of the Indian Nuclear Power Programme/R. Ashok Kumar(2). Use Yahoo search engine. The left hand of the government is trying only catching those committing fraud in a portion of the activities of modern civilization while the right hand is busy committing random premeditated perfect mass murders, among other killers, by sanctioning and implementing nuclear energy and nuke fuel cycle activities, wholly against the constitution. And at the begin of the LAST century, taking one look at modern civilization Mahatma Gandhi exclaimed: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Taking one look at Fukushima ongloing extinction, Merkel stopped nuke proliferation in Germany.Stop this madness you perpetrators of modern civilization, this nuclear insolvency(Jaitley please reexamine nuke policy) which is against Karma that the Gita exhorts us to perform: Imperishable is the Supreme: Its dwelling in the individual body is called Adhyatma. The offering in Return(nuke wastes cannot be) which causes the GENESIS and SUPPORT of beings is called Karma. Fukushima, caused by a dam caused earthquake 9.0 MM magnitude, is slated to kill all infants born in India after 2028: See Stop nuclear energy programmes: PROGRESSIVE DETERIORATION OF THE GENE POOL IN THE NUCLEAR AGE by the same author(3). This is not Karma. So are dams not Karma!


Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

“A so-called “Industrial Way Forward Agreement” was signed between French utility EDF (EDF.PA) and India’s NPCIL for the construction of six nuclear reactors at Jaitapur.
Negotiations over the construction of next-generation nuclear reactors in India have been dragging on for years.
It was not immediately clear whether the individual contracts were firm orders or letters of intent.”
When we have such wheeler dealer leaders why do we need enemies? Scrap these meaningless defense and security deals in the face of such Moorkhapaddhati . which is the hallmark of Jaitapur or Koodankulam or Kakrapara nukes or any other nuke anywhere. The Kakrapara reactors have been crushed by the dynamics of the world’s dams. So was Fukushima, Narora, and probably damaged Kudankulam reactor as well.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

Re: Cartoons and a comicbook hero to dispel anti-nuke sentiments(TOI,25-03-2018): So Modiji, this is the way mainstream media are spreading the total falsehood about nuclear power. It is your duty,TOI, as a Newspaper to bring out the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Instead you are part of a calumny being waged against the truth about nukes. Prior to publishing this report it is standard practice of journalists to contact independent sources for the truth instead of relying wholly on vested interest specialist science. Just to give a piece of the truth: Uranium heavy metal lodged inside our cells abosrbs background ionising radiation orders of magnitude more background radiation and emits photoelectrons like beta rays damaging us with infinite biological effectiveness(ECRR 2010). This truth is ignored by NPCIL. Further even during so called normal operations, nuclear fuel cycle causes annual cancer deaths of 200000 with present world nuclear capacity. The energy audit of nuclear programme of 20000 MW shows that even after thirty years, the nuclear programme will still be consuming power and energy from society. Thus there will be no net energy to society outside the nuclear industry from the programme. The cost to society of such powerlessness is infinity. Nuclear is an infinite non-performing liability for all time. Not only Narora but Kakrapar units were also wrecked by modern civilization through dam dynamics like Fukushima was. See Perfect Designs: Ignore Root cause, get root shock, dams the cause of Irma's Fury by Search engine. Note that CEA's Daily Generation Report is unavailable since November 2017,no one knows why.