Saturday, May 14, 2016

The end of modern civilization heralded by nuclear pogroms-The Instance of Kudankulam

The end of modern civilization heralded by nuclear pogroms-The instance of Kudankulam


How Kudankulam may be another Fukushima is illustrated by the beyond design basis surges hitting Kudankulam(1a).
The nuclear programme will be consuming power for thirty years or more and society outside the nuclear industry will not get any electricity from the programme. Further the nuclear waste management will consume more energy- 100 times more, than what the programme ever delivers to society.In the process the nuclear fuel cycle guzzles enormous amounts of water(3). So the nation is put to heavy loss, infinite liability with the nuclear policy implementation. See energy audit of the indian nuclear programme by google search(1). Power corrupts and nuclear power corrupts absolutely. Further dams are required to stabilise the grid because nuclear plants are block headed base loaders. And the world's dams are causing surges of a million terawatts to destroy the structures of modern civilization(mc)(2). Fukushima earthquake caused by dams destroyed all cooling pipes and explosions resulted in triple core melt and the Pacific ocean is now deadly nuclear waste, breeding extinction(4,5). This violates the Gita's teachings. Abandon nukes and reforest ecologically: Trees for dams(6).
The Gita’s Teaching:
Imperishable is the Supreme; Its dwelling in each individual being is called adhyatma;
The offering in return which causes the genesis and support of beings is called Karma.
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