Tuesday, January 19, 2016


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… A quarter of a century on from Desert Storm, calls are being made for more research into Gulf War Syndrome. …

Consensus will never be reached in modern civilization(mc) on this and related similar issues because the framework: A society of specialists and their present state of knowledge is imperfect!
Anchored in mc's idioms, people will never see the truth!
There is the famous Goedel's Axiom of Choice: Given a set of mutually exclusive non-empty sets, another set can be constructed which contains one element from each of these sets! Thus the facts are such that the phenomena are interconnected! This in mc's idioms  can neither be proved nor disproved!
You must view mc from a higher framework consisting of the following assumptions:
There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this:
To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate the one inseparable.
There is imperfect knowledge: To see the separate existences apart and hold it to be true.
There is false knowledge: To cling to one as if it were all, heedless of the harm, heedless of the consequences, narrow and dull and dark.
Thus the reality is that everything is rigidly interconnected(The principle of perfect design).
The contamination created by mc is all pervading and mc is self destructive and destructive of all life.
See http://plutoniumaradiumabillionpeoplehitdna.blogspot.in/2016/01/modern-civilization-failure-of.html
Stop modern civilization based on falsehood in its tracks and deliberate to design a normal way which imitates nature beyond understanding.

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