Thursday, December 18, 2014

The UN, Modern Civilization and Terror


UN chief calls for international mobilisation against terror

The year 2015 must be a "time for global action", UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said and asked the international community to do more to counter extremism and work on reforms of world body to adapt it to a new global landscape.

"The UN is now actively engaging with countries in danger and vulnerable to terrorism and extremism and seeking to help those member states to strengthen their national capacity,....".

Commentary on terror and extremes
R. Ashok Kumar

Modern Civilization(MC) is the very embodiment and soul of terror, even to the extent of destroying itself. The various parts of MC act on one another destructively. And as MC grows so do the terror components of the various parts of MC and of the MC as a whole.For example, UN is a champ of nukes under IAEA and WHO! Nukes terrorise the people and contaminate them into cancer and other types of fatality like infant mortality. Now the ICRP(International Commission on Radiation Protection) Safety Regulations are flawed as it was framed during pre DNA era. Even though the truth as found out by many including ECRR 2010 shows that millions of infant mortality have occurred due to exposure to radionuclides, the ICRP Regulations say none occur! This is terror! The connection is lost on nuclear wheeler dealers or they have deliberately ignored it with impunity by refusing to conduct appropriate tests on human beings contaminated, applying the precautionary principle. But nuclear programs do not yield any electricity to society outside the nuclear industry for decades and indeed for all time when nuclear waste management for millions of years is considered. So the terrorists blindly build more and more thermal, hydro and nuclear plants to fill the shortage! Thus today because of neglecting demand side management, India has 250000 MW of thermal,hydro and other types of plants and a small amount of nukes which are indistinguishable from a very small part of the electric transmission losses. Today cancer fatalities caused every year by the nukes of the world amount to more than 204000 excess deaths or 100 Bhopals of immediate deaths. Without the dams, the nukes cannot exist and the grid would be unstable. But the dams cause surge waves to hit nukes and other infrastructure of MC at impulse hits of hundreds of thousands of terawatts and this contributed in no small measure to the earthquakes which killed Fukushima and destruction and death by other nukes like Kyshtym,Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and the WIPP.
Thus to eliminate terror we must switch over to a normal mode of life seamlessly.
A normal mode of life recognizes the infinite superiority of trees compared to dams: now start a global major decentralised, people's cooperatives based millennium forest creation effort. See Reforest Mother Earth to Live!/R. Ashok Kumar

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